CEO's Statement
About Us CEO's Statement

 Thank you for the good times and eagerly waiting for what the future holds!

Since its establishment, Tiftohiu has gone through a lot these past 15 years. During these years, Tiftohiu experienced the fast accession and development of the Jewelry & Accessories industry. The Tiftohiu team has always been consistent in maintaining a high-performing team working with the leading technology and an advanced management system to create a corporate cultural climate that fosters a creative and innovative environment for everyone to enjoy.

At its 15th year, Tiftohiu is now plotting a new course towards a new dream. With a studious, enterprising, and cooperation mindset, Tiftohiu is dedicated to having each young women, teens, tweens and kids enjoy the benefits fashion trends has on her life. The struggles of today bring about the future of tomorrow and the belief that you can, creates success. Tiftohiu will cooperate with our industrial business partners and with a stratagem in place, along with a global perspective, push forward the development of fashionable products.

Only through perseverance, can you see your dreams come true. Tiftohiu’s dream has just started…

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00
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