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At the moment, as crystals become more and more popular, the styles of crystal jewelry are also increasing. From crystal jewelry to crystal hand jewelry, from crystal pendants to crystal earrings, the styles are more and more novel, and the patterns are more and more numerous.


The reason why we like crystal jewelry is because their crystal clearness gives us unlimited beauty. So, how to maintain crystal jewelry?


First, crystal jewelry is a more delicate thing, please do not put it together with other accessories to avoid collision and scratch. Affects the beauty of crystal.


Second, because the surface of the crystal is smooth and crystal clear, in order to avoid soiling such as sweat stains, you should gently wipe it with a soft cloth after each wear. Keep the original luster.


Thirdly, Try not to get in touch with some chemical ingredients, because once the chemical is contaminated on the surface of the crystal jewelry, the crystal will look shiny and dull.

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Avant-garde, full of personality

In her 20s, the age of vitality, youth, and style, which she wears her own style of wear. For young people to choose crystal jewelry, there are not too many taboos in terms of color, and the range of choices is also varied. Natural colors and synthetic colors can be dazzling, and the young people’s richness is vividly displayed. The choice of crystal jewelry can also be changed frequently. Different styles and different styles can be tried. For those jewellery that is fashionable, the color is close to the trend, and the style is fashionable, you can choose it boldly. High-end, low-end, expensive, low-cost, material is not a major problem, as long as you can show off the young style can try.

Small, novel, ingenious, and avant-garde jewellery for people who are small, lively, playful, or boyish. For young people with moisturizing skin, it is appropriate to use crystal jewelry. Wearing a thin gold necklace will look elegant and charming, refreshing and energetic. Romantic jewelry uses bows, petals, and flower-shaped shapes. The lines are smooth and soft, suitable for people with moderate body, sweet looks, and cute dolls. The clothing is decorated with large rippled lace, with flower-shaped earrings and a thin, beautiful pendant necklace.

At the age of 20, you can choose different styles of fashion new jewellery without being restricted by age. Try different styles of wear, as long as you like, there is nothing wrong with it. At the age of 20, the capital is young and beautiful, so avoid making mature and elegant dresses, dress yourself up to the old age, and not match the actual age.

Natural and temperamental middle-aged

People between the ages of 30 and 40 have already had a certain career and status. The most important feature of this age group is that their personal style has been basically stereotyped. They should have their own unique and unique features, so that they will become more mature. For those over 30 years old, genuine jewellery is a must, because you can try a variety of styles before the age of 30, and find the most suitable jewellery routines and styles from various attempts to shape your unique personal image. If you are still trying and changing after 30 years old, it is a dangerous thing. Because people don't have a lot of time to try in every trend, they should determine their own jewelry style, matching, and material as soon as possible, and form their own style in jewelry to highlight their mature temperament and increase others' fear of their own time. The impression of maturity in time. Therefore, people between the ages of 30 and 40 should pursue the finishing touch on the jewellery, and the effect and realm of icing on the cake.

Classical, luxurious old age

People of this age should choose jewelry to highlight their taste and highlight the most appropriate. The jewellery of the elderly should be simple and generous, and you can wear gold and silver jewelry or gemstone jewelry with classic style and exquisite craftsmanship. Gold and silver jewelry is more suitable for the elderly in the East, such as gold earrings, bracelets, rings. In addition, jade jewelry is also more and more popular among the elderly in the East. Such as jade bracelets, jade rings, etc., not only means exorcism and evil spirits, body protection and disaster prevention, so that people wearing more connotation, can better show the temperament of the elderly rich and luxurious. Jewelry is about quality rather than quantity.

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