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The cold wind penetrates people's bones,But only so an hour .


Spring comes soft and silent.Spring, the sweet Spring, is the year's pleasant king,Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring,Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do sing.


In order to celebrate the hard-won good weather , Tiftohiu Jewelry Company organize employees to participate in outdoor activities,The content of the activity is selected by all the stuffs.

it is precisely becausefair and free corporate company culture,Giving full play to employee personal strengths and have a sense of teamwork is ubiquitous in Tiftohiu.

Through everyone's vote, we chose to host one of the most popular ball games in China badminton tournament.On the court the ball flies up and down change left and right. At sometime it like as an actor flying in the air, sometimes it is like a meteor in the sky.


At the end of day ,“Anne player”Won the championship grade and Get a delicate gift.Do you want to know what is in the gift box? Welcome to contact us and find the answer.


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TIFTOHIU Jewelry aims to enhance the company's staff awareness, collaboration awareness, improve the physical fitness of employees, enhance physical fitness, and create a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture atmosphere, further strengthen the company's cohesiveness, and comprehensively promote the company's corporate culture and spiritual civilization construction. Enrich the staff's spare time and organize a full-time participation in the activities of climbing Yuelu Mountain.

Even though climbing a mountain can't fundamentally change you, but it can give you a taste of different scenery at different heights.

Reading thousands of books, walking thousands of miles, body or soul, there is always one to be on the road, young people can not live in vain.


They are a beautiful landscape in the crowds of people, laughter floats in the wind. Stop and go, talk and laugh.

Finally they climbed to the top of the mountain with elegance .


Viewing at a long-term perspective,the urban will be megalopolises whose populations are measured in the tens of millions, with jagged skylines that stretch as far as the eye can see,

how to say...fresh feelings and relaxed! 


At the end of the day, we went home in different directions.

The distance getting further and further, But our heart is getting closer and closer.

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  It is still a raining day in Changsha,the suddenly dropped temperature makes us feel so cold when we got up in the morning. Although it is chilling outside the door,however,upon arriving the company,the atmosphere of women's day made us feel so happy and warm. At that time,the bad weather completely unable to impact our mood.

     Colleagues began to blessing for each other when arriving the company,which brought us a sense of happiness. How nice it is!

Yuzuiba,a famous and special course of Changsha. We go to eat it together in the noontime. It still rains in the outside and we numbed with cold. But it absolutely can't prevent us to taste this delicious food,because we are Chihuo! Ha~Ha~

        In the process of eating Yuzuiba,our partners even couldn’t speak out due to the spicy of it. “Super spicy,but pretty good”,one of our partner said to me when I asking her. When I thought she would like to say something more,but I found she couldn’t speak out anything and has no willing to speak ,what she wanted was to eat it. Ha~Ha,this is the unique feature of Changsha:spicy girl! All girls in our company are spicy,super spicy!

At last,congratulations on all goddesses have a happy women's day!

Hope you all get what you want! Happy everyday!

Finally,attaching our girls' group photo to conclude today's beautiful mood!

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